Saturday, September 7, 2013

DragonCon Parade - part 4 (Star Wars)

Of course there were some Star Wars characters at DragonCon!

Darth Vader (and some battling Jedi behind him) were near the beginning of the parade.

There were some pretty good cardboard box costumes in the parade. This Admiral Ackbar one is pretty good.

More cardboard box costumes. These guys are very creative.

The Mandalorian Mercs is a huge group. Similar to the 501st, they create detailed costumes and do a lot of volunteer work.

Jedi passing by in a huge group.

The Kilted Trooper Brigade is a subset of the 501st. They promote Star Wars ... and kilts.

The 501st Legion is a huge group. They are known world wide and while they love promoting Star Wars and creating detailed costume replicas they also do a ton of volunteering and charity work. There are pockets of them all of the country (and world) and they show up for all kinds of events. We saw some of their guys at a hockey game last spring. 

Some of the Muppet Troopers. I had a picture of Kermit in the first parade post, there is Gonzo again and Fozzie.


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